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Wound Healing Services

Committed to the Health & Wellness of Our Community

Your skin is a barrier to the outside world, protecting the body from temperature, the elements and infection. When this barrier has been broken, the Salinas Valley Health Wound Healing Clinic at Salinas Valley Health is here to care for you. We are passionate about providing a high standard of care that is focused on patient experience. To accomplish this goal, we offer a collaborative, open environment where our patients, physicians and other staff work toward healing and wellness together.

Treating Persistent Wounds

When wounds become resistant to conventional therapy, our Salinas Valley Health Wound Healing Clinic has the resources and expertise necessary to provide a solution.

We help patients with wounds stemming from the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Poor vascular circulation
  • Infection
  • Insect bite
  • Other conditions resulting in a persistent wound

Proper treatment and care are necessary for total well-being and healing. Since 1953, Salinas Valley Health has devoted its efforts to improving the health of individuals and families in the Salinas Valley and across the communities in Monterey County through leading-edge treatments.

Salinas Valley Health is proud to provide the following to each of our patients:

  • An expert dedicated staff – Our team of certified and experienced physicians expertly treat various chronic sores, ulcers and wounds in an environment of care. Trained Registered Nurses aid in personalized care and recovery by acting as personal case managers.
  • State-of-the-art equipment & methodology – Advanced healing methodology enables us to care for all kinds of wounds on all kinds of patients. We pinpoint any underlying conditions that may slow the natural healing process and begin treatment that is tailor-fit to the unique needs of each patient.
  • Team approach to healing & wellness – As part of a coordinated interdisciplinary wellness team, our expert staff works closely with the patient’s family doctor. While the Salinas Valley Health Wound Healing Clinic provides specific care and comprehensive progress reports, the primary physician continues to direct overall care.
  • A patient-centric philosophy – To speed up the healing process, we provide our patients with all the educational tools and other resources they need. We believe that the patient plays a vital role in the success of their healing and we structure a wound cleaning regimen that will prevent recurrences.

Begin your journey to healing with the support of our team at the Salinas Valley Health Wound Healing Clinic. Call 831-759-3236 to experience quality patient care.