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Salinas Valley Health is among the first in the nation to offer a revolutionary procedure to treat people with blocked arteries in the leg, causing debilitating pain. Dr. Jim Joye has been involved with the technique since its inception and was involved in global clinical trials. After FDA approval last month, it is now being rolled out in the United States.

On Friday, July 14, Dr. Joye and our incredible cath lab team were among the first in the United States to perform the DETOUR procedure on two patients at Salinas Valley Health. Both were discharged on the same day as the procedure. Cleveland Clinic was the only other healthcare system selected to take part in the nationwide launch.

The procedure takes the use of innovative stents and minimally invasive techniques to the next level. The DETOUR procedure is a major advancement to treat severe blockage of the arteries in the legs.

Peripheral arterial disease or PAD is an epidemic and especially prevalent in the Monterey County area. It causes debilitating pain in the legs with walking and can lead to ulcers, gangrene, and ultimately amputation.

Traditional open bypass surgery of the legs is a big surgery and requires significant recovery time. Enter PTAB, percutaneous trans-arterial bypass, also referred to as the DETOUR procedure. This new technique allows doctors to bypass these more complex lesions in the leg via a simple arterial puncture (no cutting), and patients often go home the same day with prompt return to full function.

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