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Research & Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials in Monterey County

Salinas Valley Health is dedicated to improving patient health and care. To do this, we offer a Clinical Research Program where patients can participate in studies to help with diagnosis and treatment.

By taking part in a study, you can:

  • Get careful medical attention from a team of doctors
  • Try new approaches to medical treatment
  • Help improve your own health

There are different types of studies:

  • Observational studies look at how people's health changes over time.
  • Interventional clinical trials test new treatments to see if they are safe and effective.
  • Medical records research uses information from medical records to learn about diseases and treatments.

Salinas Valley Health is participating in several studies right now. People are selected for these studies based on factors like age and medical conditions. Some of the studies we are doing now include cancer, heart health, diabetes, and stroke.

Next Steps

If you or a family member are thinking about being in a research study, feel free to download one of our brochures:

If you have questions about the studies happening at Salinas Valley Health or want more information about our research programs, email us at