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Infectious Diseases

Experienced Medical Care for Viruses & Illness

There are trillions of microscopic bacteria in your body at any given time. This is generally a good thing, as a majority of bacteria in the human body perform beneficial functions. It is only when our system is invaded by malicious bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that an infection is classified as a disease. Some infections are mild and the body may be able to repel them on its own, but it can be difficult to determine what kind of infection you have until it enters its advanced stages. You should consult with a doctor anytime you have a fever of 103 F or higher, in case it turns out to be something serious.

Salinas Valley Health offers infectious disease treatment to those in the Salinas Valley, Monterey Peninsula, the Central Coast, and surrounding areas. Our highly experienced staff is skilled at identifying major problems quickly and prescribing effective treatments.

When to See a Doctor

Everyone is susceptible to infectious diseases, many of which are contagious. Stay at home and rest to avoid spreading the disease to others. It is always recommended that you see a doctor, but if you are hesitant to go, have someone keep track of your symptoms. Certain conditions are serious enough that a doctor must be consulted to avoid major complications.

See your doctor if:

  • A recent wound is not healing and appears dirty
  • You are having trouble breathing
  • You experience chest pains
  • You have open wounds from an animal attack
  • You have a constant fever
  • You are having trouble seeing
  • A mysterious rash appears on your body
  • A cough persists for more than a week

Treating Infections

Treatment for an infection depends on the type of disease. Doctors may recommend little more than rest and medication, but surgery may be required for more serious conditions. Salinas Valley Health is prepared to help patients with both simple and life-threatening diseases.