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Cancer Care

Experienced Oncologists in Monterey County

In recent years, the cancer death rate has been on the decline thanks to fervent research and remarkable medical advances. At Salinas Valley Health Clinics Cancer Care, we vigilantly observe new developments in this field so that we can provide you with optimal cancer treatments. Salinas Valley Health Clinics is a leading provider in oncology and hematology services and is supported by the resources of Salinas Valley Health. With our combined commitment and a focus on compassionate care, Salinas Valley Health Clinics Cancer Care serves all cancer patients of the Central Coast and surrounding areas.

The study and treatment of cancer is primarily handled in the following fields:

  • Oncology –This field was created explicitly for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancers. Oncologists usually handle cancer surgeries and chemotherapy treatments.
  • Hematology – The study of blood has revealed links between blood disorders and cancer, resulting in a hematologist’s work often overlapping with oncology. Oncologists typically have training in hematology, as treating cancer affecting blood is often important in their work, but hematologists rarely perform oncological services.

Cancer Care & Blood Disorder Treatment

Cancers that form in or spread to the blood are usually impossible to remove through surgery. Once cancer has reached this point, a hematologist is called in to assist with the patient’s treatment. Hematologists specialize in treating blood disorders like leukemia, sickle cell disease and anemia. Many oncologists receive additional training in hematology so that they can continue to treat patients effectively if their cancer spreads to the blood.

Salinas Valley Health's Cancer Care team includes experienced hematologists and oncologists who specialize in treating cancers of the blood. We create customized treatment plans designed to help our patients fight this disease while living as comfortably as possible.

What Is Blood Cancer?

Cancer is a group of mutated cells that interfere with the body’s functions. When these cells are concentrated in one area (known as a tumor), they can often be removed through a surgical procedure. Blood cancers, however, affect the cells in the bloodstream. As these cells are constantly moving throughout the body, there is no way to remove them with a single surgical procedure.

Cancers of the blood take many forms, and the treatment for each can vary. In very general terms, the strategy for curing blood cancer is to remove or overwhelm the cancer cells with medication and stimulate the production of healthy blood cells.

Some blood cancer treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy – Powerful medication delivered through an IV to fight cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy – Applying radiation to cancerous areas to destroy the cancer cells
  • Stem cell transplantation – Creating and infusing healthy blood cells into the body to keep the body functioning
  • Blood transfusion – Infusing healthy blood cells from compatible donors to fight cancer’s side effects
  • Immunotherapy – Techniques that stimulate the body’s immune system to help it fight cancer

A Facility Equipped for Fighting Blood Cancer

At Salinas Valley Health, we have numerous tools to help people fight leukemia and other forms of blood cancer. In addition to our comprehensive cancer care program, we also have a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory, a wide array of cancer treatment options to fit every patient’s unique needs, and a dedicated team of oncologists, hematologists, nurses, physicians and support staff ready to do whatever is necessary to help our patients. This is not a battle you need to fight alone. The Salinas Valley Health team will be with you every step of the way.

Treatment Personalized for You

There are many forms of cancer, and they can affect people in many different ways. There is no one definitive treatment plan for cancer because so many people react to it differently. We want you to receive treatment that keeps your lifestyle and goals in mind. Our foremost goal is keeping you healthy and happy. Cancer Care patients are given a full evaluation and discuss with a doctor the side effects and effectiveness of various treatment methods.

Learn more about how your care could proceed in the following pages:

Though learning you have cancer is never easy, working with knowledgeable medical professionals who design treatments specifically created for your disease can be very reassuring. Visit our clinic today and start fighting back.

Cancer Staging and Grading

Knowing the stage and grade of a person's cancer helps doctors know what treatment to use. It also helps predict how long the person will survive or whether there is a good chance for a cure.

Our Susan Bacon Cancer Resource Center offers patients, family members and the public information on cancer diagnosis, treatment, risk reduction and emotional support throughout the cancer journey. Many of the services provided are FREE. Carol Renn, CTR provides more information in this Ask the Experts podcast.

Nuestro centro de recursos contra el cáncer, Susan Bacon Cancer Resource Center, ofrece a los pacientes, familiares y al público información sobre el diagnóstico del cáncer, el tratamiento, la reducción del riesgo y el apoyo emocional a lo largo del proceso del cáncer. Muchos de los servicios proporcionados son gratuitos. Carol Renn, CTR provee más información en este podcast.