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Pete’s Perspective: National Award for Collaboration

Pete’s Perspective: National Award for Collaboration

Media Contact: Karina Rusk

August 9, 2022 - Salinas Valley Health, in partnership with Montage Health, has earned national recognition with our recent joint receipt of the American Hospital Association’s Dick Davidson NOVA Award. This award is a testament to our ongoing commitment in working together to improve a public health issue that is epidemic in proportion in Monterey County, type 2 diabetes.

Our healthcare systems joined forces in launching the Monterey County Diabetes Collaborative with a goal of transforming the health of the community on the Central Coast. Mutual respect, teamwork and support are at the heart of its success. Our joint outreach is helping break a cycle of diabetes that has become multi-generational for some families and has a ripple effect on other health issues like heart disease and stroke.

We live in one of the most productive agricultural areas in our nation, yet many of our neighbors suffer food insecurity and a lack of fresh produce. One in eight people in Monterey County have diabetes and half of all adults have prediabetes including the predominantly Latino agricultural workforce. Salinas Valley Health and Montage Health are working together to change that – to share with families in our community simple and sustainable ways to lead healthier lives.

Our Monterey County Diabetes Collaborative focuses on awareness, screening, workshops, education and free customized coaching for adults and children. It provides resources that are bilingual, virtual and in-person; and access to coaches that tailor their approach to work with individuals and families.

Going beyond the clinical setting and into classrooms, grocery stores, restaurants, community events and more, our joint approach to this longtime challenge is making a difference. Between 2019 and 2021, community survey data indicates a near 10% drop in self-reported prediabetes diagnoses in the community and a near 10% increase in awareness of prediabetes and diabetes prevention programs in the community.

Our two healthcare systems are committed to sustaining the Monterey County Diabetes Collaborative. We are proud of receiving the NOVA Award because of what it represents in the success of our historic partnership to improve the communities we serve.

Salinas Valley Health and Montage Health each have a legacy of strong support for the community. Working together, we are even stronger.

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Be safe and be well.

– Pete

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