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Salinas Valley Health Nurse Receives DAISY Award

Salinas Valley Health Nurse Receives DAISY Award

Media Contact: Karina Rusk

Mary Nuki, RN II, OCN is the December recipient of the DAISY Award at Salinas Valley Health. Salinas Valley Health participates in the national DAISY Award program, which celebrates compassionate and skillful nursing care. Nuki is a staff nurse II in the Oncology Department and was nominated by a co-worker for providing extraordinary and compassionate care to a terminally ill colleague and friend.

“It was difficult and an incredible honor taking care of a good friend and co-worker,” says Mary Nuki, RN a staff II nurse in the Oncology Department. “As a team, we really supported her and each other. Our priority was providing her with compassionate quality care, while focusing on her dignity, comfort and her family’s privacy.”

Nuki joined Salinas Valley Health in September of 2004. She is an Oncology Certified Nurse. In addition to honoring Nuki with the DAISY Award, Salinas Valley Health took an additional step to recognize the entire Oncology Department for the amazing and compassionate care they provided their colleague.

“Our Oncology staff always provides outstanding medical care to our patients,” says Christie Gondor, RN, Chief Nursing Officer “Taking care of someone they knew so intimately was different and a challenging experience for the team. We feel fortunate we were able to provide her and her family with exceptional care and look after each other as well.”

The publically elected Board of Directors recognized Nuki and the Oncology Department at its December Board meeting. Salinas Valley Health recognizes all the members of the Oncology Department for their dedication and compassionate care during a difficult situation including Renee Armenta, RN, Diane Mesiroff, RN, Aida Morales, RN, Marian Fox, RN, Cledeline Alerta, RN II, Marisa Baker, RN II, Margarita Barrera, RN II, Daisy Carrillo, RN II, Delories Colclough, RN II, Amanda Countryman, RN II, Trisha Foxworthy, RN II, Baudelio Gonzalez, RN II, Jonathan Iglesia, RN II, Sylvia Lara-Sanchez, RN II, Lucia Mc Cleary, RN II, Annie Pobre, RN II, Brooke Robinson, RN II, Erlinda Rodriguez, RN II, Teresa Salah, RN II, Denise Sheets, RN II, Claudia Stevens, RN II, Mercedita Stoffey, RN II, Lidia Victoriano, RN II, Lisa Blean, RN II, Maritess Condalor, RN II, Mary Huynh, RN II, Tina Leng, RN II, Melanie Cancio, RN II, Agnes Lalata, RN. Jaclyn Bayhonan, CNA, Dolores Duenas, CNA, Nonila Dunaven, CNA, Frank Herrera, CNA, Sandra Jackson, CNA, Joanna Larios, CNA, Leticia Suarez, CNA, Jessica Vega, CNA, Gabriela Villa, CNA, Tiffanee Villanueva, CNA, Deborah Cruz, Jennifer Jacobs-Ellis, Alma Lopez, Minerva Odell, Penny Call, and Sandra Contreras.

The following employees were also nominated for the December DAISY Award: Jocelyn Banaag, RN II, Margaret Brown, RN II, Michael Brown, RN II, Jose "Tony" Coronado, RN II, Sabrina Davis, RN II, Amanda Demello, RN I, Heather Gagnon, RN II, Gabriela Gonzalez, RN II, Adrienna Leyva, RN II, Bernadette Lucas-Burch, RN, Linda Mase, RN II, Chandra Matteson, RN II, David McQueen, RN, Shumin Ning, RN II, Maybelle Peters, RN II, Sara Silacci, RN.

Every month, Salinas Valley Health recognizes an outstanding employee with a DAISY Award (for nurses) or a STAR Award (for all staff). Nominations can be submitted by patients, visitors and staff. Nomination forms and drop boxes are located throughout the medical center. To learn more about the awards visit Nurse Recognition | Salinas Valley Health or STAR Award | Monterey County Health System (

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