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Pete’s Perspective: Aspire

Pete’s Perspective: Aspire

Media Contact: Karina Rusk

Aspire Health Plan makes Medicare easy. It offers the best alternative to original Medicare in Monterey County. Open enrollment begins October 15 and runs through December 7. During that time, you will see Dr. Steve Packer, President/CEO of Montage Health, and me – on television, on social media, in newspapers and out in the community – talking about what Aspire has to offer. The benefits of this non-profit health plan are that strong: we want everyone to be aware of this resource.

One of Aspire’s greatest strengths is simplifying the Medicare process – making it easier to understand and access the services you need. It brings together the county’s four hospitals, more than 700 local doctors and other healthcare providers in delivering coordinated and personalized care.

Salinas Valley Health and Montage Health have worked together for years to build this health plan for the people of Monterey County. We are proud of the success of this collaboration in strengthening the health of our community with a plan that offers more coverage and benefits than original Medicare, is simple to understand and affordable.

If you are eligible for Medicare, it is more important than ever to have the right coverage for your individual needs. Aspire provides a tailored coverage plan – plus an entire team to connect the dots for you in coordinating your healthcare services.

Staff at Salinas Valley Health and Montage Health enjoy generous medical coverage, yet that is not the case for everyone in Monterey County and especially people eligible for Medicare. If you, a parent, friend or neighbor are in that category, open enrollment is an important opportunity to learn more about Aspire. There are different programs to choose from and all plans include prescription drug coverage along with additional benefits like transportation, coaching, chiropractic, acupuncture and fitness options.

As our healthcare systems continue to partner in leading our community’s rise in good health and well-being – through the Monterey County Diabetes Collaborative, Blue Zones Project Monterey County, the Community Needs Health Assessment and other initiatives – we invite you to take a few minutes to learn what we offer through Aspire. Call 831-375-1462 or visit

Be safe and be well.

– Pete

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