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Salinas Valley Health Reviews District Zone Boundaries

Salinas Valley Health Reviews District Zone Boundaries

Media Contact: Karina Rusk

Salinas Valley Health Medical Center Initial Mapping Scenarios

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Salinas Valley Health (Salinas Valley Health) operates as a Healthcare District, governed by a publically elected Board of Directors representing five zones within the District. Per Election Code, every ten years shortly after the completion of the US Census, the Board reviews those zone boundaries within the District. The review and analysis are currently underway and include the opportunity for public input.

While the 2020 census does not suggest a significant population growth within the District, a qualified demographer is reviewing and analyzing census data to determine whether there have been demographic shifts within and between the zones over the past decade. At its next meeting, the Salinas Valley Health Board of Directors will review potential changes to the zone boundaries and public comment is welcome. Compelling information is required to alter the zone boundaries and the Election Code process does not in any way alter the size and scope of the Healthcare District.

The zone boundaries were restructured in 2011 to reflect census data and the five areas are currently represented by Board President Victor Rey, Jr (Zone 2); Vice President Regina Gage (Zone 1); Treasurer Richard Turner (Zone 4); Assistant Treasurer Joel Hernandez Laguna (Zone 5); and Secretary Juan Cabrera (Zone 3). The public is invited to attend a public hearing on the redistricting process:

Thursday, February 24, 5pm

450 East Romie Lane, Salinas

or via WebEx or phone using links provided here.

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