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Salinas Valley Health Nurse Reunites with Patient for Daisy Award

Salinas Valley Health Nurse Reunites with Patient for Daisy Award

Media Contact: Karina Rusk

SALINAS, CA, September 23, 2019- Stephanie Fierro, RN had no idea the woman she cared for last year would come back into her life in a very special way. Today, Salinas Valley Health presented Stephanie with the Daisy Award for nursing excellence and the woman who nominated her for the award was at the medical center for the ceremony.

Salinas mother Edith Guzman gave birth to her third child Christmas Day, 2017 however her daughter’s birth was complicated and Edith ended up spending three weeks in the medical center including time in the intensive care unit. During that period, Stephanie was one of the nurses who cared for Edith.

“Everyone here was amazing, they truly saved my life,” says Edith Guzman. “Stephanie though was the one who gave me the extra encouragement, support and patience to help me recover so I would live to raise my baby. I could never tell her how much she meant to me.”

Edith learned about the Daisy Award and knew, even more than a year after the kindness, she had to nominate Stephanie. Stephanie works as a registered nurse on the One Main Floor and today, her colleagues and the Chief Nursing Officer presented Stephanie with the Daisy Award. The honor includes a hand carved statue and formal recognition certificate.

“Edith had as much impact on me as I apparently had on her,” says Stephanie Fierro, RN. “I love what I do as a nurse here and Edith reminds me how we have to put ourselves in our patient’s shoes every day. I never expected to receive an award so this means a lot to me.’

The publicly elected Board of Directors at Salinas Valley Health will also recognize Stephanie at a future board meeting. The following employees were also nominated for the September Daisy Award: Katrina Cross, Jennifer Denny, RN II, Maria Montenegro, RN II, and Necole Olivio, RN II.

Coincidentally, Edith had named her daughter Daisy and remarked that the Daisy Award going to Stephanie was “another amazing element to the story.” Salinas Valley Health participates in the national DAISY Award program which celebrates compassionate and skillful nursing care.

Every month, Salinas Valley Health recognizes an outstanding employee with a Daisy Award (for nurses) or a STAR Award (for all staff). Nominations can be submitted by patients, visitors and staff. Nomination forms and drop boxes are located throughout the medical center. To learn more about the awards visit Nurse Recognition | Salinas Valley Health and STAR Award | Monterey County Health System (

Editor note: Photo attached: Left to right: Stephanie Fierro, RN and former patient, Edith Guzman

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