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professional practice model

What is a Professional Practice Model?

A professional practice model (PPM) is a schematic depiction of how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate, and develop professionally to provide the highest-quality care for those served.

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Why do we have a Professional Practice Model?
  • Defines clear professional values and expectations for all nurses.
  • Promotes and supports nurses’ autonomy, accountability and decision-making authority.
  • Recognizes nursing’s unique role and contribution.
  • Fosters interprofessional collaborative practice and a culture of excellence.
  • Creates a shared mental model for all nurses, at all levels; ensuring consistency in care.

Nursing Mission, Vision and Values

Professional nursing practice and care at Salinas Valley Health is guided by the PPM. The model’s components depict and guide nursing excellence throughout the organization in alignment with the nursing mission, vision, and values.

Nursing Mission

Heal • Protect • Empower • Teach

Nursing Vision

To be an innovative leader in nursing excellence—a place where patients choose to come and nurses want to practice.

Nursing Values

Salinas Valley Health Medical Center nurses embrace a set of shared values represented by the acronym PRIDE. These values define our beliefs and ideals and are the overarching principles guiding how we interact and collaborate with patients, families, colleagues, and the community. These core values drive exceptional patient care, outcomes, and experiences.

P We provide professional, patient-centered care.

R We are respectful of our patients, families, and colleagues.

I We serve our patients with integrity. We are honest, ethical, and authentic in our actions.

D We welcome and embrace diversity.

E We provide excellent, evidence-based care.

Model Components

Professional Governance

Professional Governance is a leadership and decision-making model that promotes and supports professional autonomy. The model empowers staff to contribute to processes related to clinical practice and the professional practice environment.

The primary focus of the professional governance councils and committees is to improve patient outcomes; ensure practice that is ethical, current and evidence-based; and promote a culture that achieves excellence.

Professional Relationships

We nurture respectful, collaborative relationships with our interprofessional team to achieve optimal outcomes for all we serve.

Reward & Recognition

We empower, support, and recognize professional nursing development.

We strive to create a culture that values the advancement of nursing practice by recognizing nurses’ accomplishments, contributions, and dedication to lifelong learning.

Care Delivery Model

Our care delivery model is based on Swanson’s Theory of Caring which embraces a relationship-based, collaborative approach, emphasizing partnerships with our colleagues, patients, families, and the community.