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Pete’s Perspective: A Summer of Safety and Respect

Pete’s Perspective: A Summer of Safety and Respect

Media Contact: Karina Rusk

June is the start of summer for many. It’s a traditional time for travel and gatherings with friends and family. We welcome the season with the hope it will be marked by safety and respect for others.

A year ago at this time, many looked forward to a summer that would be somewhat close to normal. COVID numbers had dropped and more than half of Americans had received the vaccine. Instead, we saw increased infection rates. Fall brought Omicron and a rising caseload through the winter holidays and into the start of the year.

What will summer 2022 look like? It is hard to say. COVID infections are on the upswing and new waves of variants keep us on guard.

Yet with mask mandates and gathering restrictions eased, more people are returning to activities they enjoy. Others are taking a more cautious approach.

The best protection is being fully vaccinated and boosted. The CDC recommends avoiding travel until everyone in your family who is eligible is up-to-date with their COVID vaccines. Check the COVID situation where you’re going and take the time to review local mask and vaccination requirements.

Just as masks continue to be a safeguard, handwashing and social distancing remain important. When you think back about the historic low levels of flu and colds in 2020, you realize the effectiveness of these simple steps.

As for summer 2022, let us approach it with appreciation for people’s different levels of comfort and with respect for one another. “We’re all in this together” became a common catchphrase with COVID. Yet our individual paths during these extraordinary times have been very different.

The pandemic has impacted all of us in some way or another. One of its lasting lessons has been the importance of compassion. It’s one we should continue to embrace and cultivate every day.

As we adapt to a life with COVID, common sense and vaccinations continue to serve us well. Compassion and respect will further ease our way.

Be safe and be well.

– Pete

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