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Cancer Research

Cancer Clinical Research Program at Salinas Valley Health

The purpose of the Salinas Valley Health Cancer Clinical Research Program is to enhance patient services and health programs that help Salinas Valley Health remain a leading provider of medical care. We do so by maintaining a diverse portfolio of cancer clinical research protocols that align with the types of cancer seen in our patient population.

Salinas Valley Health has two governing bodies that provide clinical research oversight and guidance: (1) the Institutional Review Board of Record, and (2) the Salinas Valley Health Research Oversight Committee (ROC). Salinas Valley Health does not have an in-house IRB but has adopted the FDA-approved model that relies on an external, centralized Institutional Review Board (IRB) review process.

The Clinical Research Program here at Salinas Valley Health is a community-based research site, and as such, does not conduct Phase I “first in humans” research protocols.

Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV protocols are evaluated and considered based on complexity as part of the pre-IRB feasibility assessment conducted by the ROC.

Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment

Under the oversight of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Clinical trials provide options for cancer patients to test new exploratory treatments that are in the evaluation stage. These trials are designed to research new approaches in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Today’s FDA-approved treatments used in treating cancer were developed based on the results of yesterday’s clinical trials. Participation* in a clinical trial is completely voluntary. Consented participants must then meet specific eligibility criteria based on their age, state of general health, laboratory and imaging results.

*Note: The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) believes that the best management of any patient with cancer is in a clinical trial. Participation in clinical trials is especially encouraged.

Ask your doctor about this process for more information about the clinical trials research currently being conducted through Salinas Valley Health.

Cancer Case Conferences

This weekly multidisciplinary conference is designed to enhance the quality of cancer care through discussions regarding screenings, diagnosis, medical management and surveillance of cancer sites. Select cases are reviewed by physician specialists, including but not limited to surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists. The ultimate goal of this conference is to improve care for our patients who have a neoplastic disease through evaluation and treatment.

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Next Steps

If you or a family member are thinking about being in a research study, feel free to download one of our brochures:

Salinas Valley Health is looking for individuals to participate in clinical studies. Participating in clinical trials allows you to play an active role in studies on the nature and causes of many disorders, and to possibly help physician-scientists develop future treatments.

For questions and more information about our clinical trials and research, please email us at