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2023 Local CMN Champions, Laramie & Stetson

  • Author: Laramie & Stetson
  • Date Submitted: Jan 26, 2022
  • Category: CMNH Local Champions
  • Location: Salinas, CA

" We want to thank the entire care team in the NICU as well as the nurses on the entire second floor for all their professional care, help, support and encouraging words that made our delivery so successful."

We had it all planned out- the birth story, the maternity shoot, the hospital stay… but my boys had another plan.

It was 10pm the night my water broke. We got in the car and rushed to Salinas Valley Health Medical Center with so many mixed emotions. Scared because the babies weren’t due for 8 more weeks, but excited that we would be meeting our boys soon. We had been saying for months that we couldn’t wait for the day our boys would be here. When we arrived at the hospital we went strait to the second floor to get checked in with labor and delivery. They took our information and promptly moved us to an exam room to start an IV, make sure my water actually broke and do a Covid test.

My results came back showing amniotic fluid which meant my water did indeed break. The Covid test came back negative and fluids had been started. We finally had the green light to be admitted to a labor and delivery room.

The nurses on the second floor were all amazing. During our stay they were all very kind, helpful and a joy to be around. After 35 hours of torturous labor and amazing staff helping me get through the painful contractions, we were told we were finally ready to be moved into the operating room for a cesarean section.

My husband and I quickly freshened up, changed into our operating room attire and called our parents to let them know their grand babies were getting ready to be born!

At 32 weeks 1 day gestation our babies were being delivered. At 9:11am Stetson was born weighing 3lbs 5 oz and at 9:14am Laramie was born weighing 3lbs 6oz. The doctor briefly showed us our babies through the clear operating drape and then they were taken directly to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our babies were born premature, 2 months earlier than a full term birth.

After a short time in the recovery room it was finally time to go see our boys! The nurses took my husband and I through the NICU in my hospital bed to have a short visit with Stetson and Laramie before having to go and rest after the C-section.

When we were wheeled into the NICU we were greeted with smiles from the nurses and doctor. Dr. Castro informed us of how our babies were doing and what they had done so far with them. We then were told we could say hello to them. They wheeled the hospital bed over to the boys isolettes and let us look at the babies. We then asked if we could touch them, and we were told absolutely.

They were both so small and looked so fragile. Their skin was red and looked paper thin. But that first touch with my shaky hands filled my heart with love. A love I had never experienced before. Their little hands were so tiny that even our pointer finger was too large for them to grip.

The babies were hooked up to IV fluids, nutritional feeding tubes, bubbling c pap machines and various monitors. Seeing your babies hooked up to so many things was very scary, but the staff did an amazing job explaining the purpose of each machine, monitor and medication.

Our babies were in the NICU for 25 days. Throughout that stay, Dr. Castro, Dr. Glasscock and the wonderful nurses did an amazing job getting our boys to the milestones they needed to reach to come home. When we walked through the NICU security door daily, we were always welcomed with a smiling face and a positive attitude. We were instantly met at the boys isolettes and given a daily update on how they were doing and the game plan for the day. I believe that’s what made our stay so bearable.

The boys had brain ultrasounds to check for brain bleeds, phototherapy for jaundice, routine bloodwork, car seat tests and hearing tests throughout their stay. They also had many other standard tests done to make sure they were growing and achieving what was needed in order to come home. We were always very informed on when tests or procedures would be done, offered to stay for the procedure and always felt welcomed to ask any questions we might have.

Throughout this journey, my husband and I were there every day anywhere from 5-12 hours visiting with the babies and taking part in their journey. During that time we became close to their care team. When our final day came in the NICU, we felt as if we were leaving our close friends as we drove off from the hospital. Without the amazing care and hard work from everyone on the second floor of the hospital and especially the NICU we wouldn’t have the healthy, growing boys that we have today.

I feel the experience we had at the hospital made such a crazy birth go as smooth as possible and as stress free as physically possible for young first time parents.

We want to thank the entire care team in the NICU as well as the nurses on the entire second floor for all their professional care, help, support and encouraging words that made our delivery so successful.


Jerad, Summer, Stetson & Laramie

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