Planned Giving Society

Salinas Valley Health Foundation believes that we should look for funding now in order to provide for the future healthcare needs our families and friends down the road. A planned gift today helps to ensure the future of our Healthcare System.

To provide for the future of the hospital, a special society was formed. The Planned Giving Society is a group of individuals who have indicated that they have made a deferred gift in the amount of $10,000 or more through their wills, trusts, life insurance or other estate planning vehicles.

We invite you to join the Planned Giving Society, knowing that your gift will carry forward your legacy for generations to come. If you have already made provisions for Salinas Valley Health in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can appropriately recognize you as a member of the Planned Giving Society.

Additional information about donating through an estate plan:


The most common and easily executable type of planned gift, bequests are simply gifts of cash, securities, property or other assets made through your will. Since they are exempt from estate taxes, charitable bequests may allow you to pass on to your heirs a larger portion of your estate. If you have a will already, it is a simple matter to make a change and add a charitable bequest through a codicil.

Charitable Trusts

The benefits of a charitable remainder trust include an irrevocable life income arrangement that is useful if you want to increase current income and decrease taxes. You may establish a trust for the benefit of one or more charitable organization and transfer assets to the trust. The trust agreement stipulates that you are to receive a lifetime income from the trust, which may continue to be paid to one or more beneficiaries. Upon the death of the last beneficiary, remaining trust assets become the property of the charitable organization(s). A charitable lead trust is the reverse of the charitable remainder trust. A lead trust is an irrevocable arrangement that allows you to support a charitable organization during your lifetime while leaving substantial assets to heirs. This trust provides an immediate flow of income to the charitable organization and may actually increase your inheritance through lowered gift and estate taxes.

To learn more about becoming a member of the Planned Giving Society, please contact Sheri Massolo at 831-759-1823 or email