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Greatest Needs Fund

(Unrestricted, to be used for the Healthcare System’s greatest need at the time of granting)

Like the rest of the world, the Salinas Valley Health is heavily focused on providing the best care and relief for our community, patients, and frontline workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gifts made to our “Greatest Needs Fund” are currently being prioritized for various COVID-19 related efforts such as aiding our doctors and nurses, updating equipment, and providing general support for our patients. Consider making a gift to our “Greatest Needs Fund” today.

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Your gift to support the Greatest Needs Fund ensures that the Salinas Valley Health has philanthropic support for projects and programs that they have prioritized as having the greatest need at the time of granting. During a capital campaign, or during a program-specific donation drive, your gift may be directed toward those fundraising efforts. Outside of a targeted campaign, your gift may be utilized within any of the above funding categories to support the project or program that needs it most.

Healthy Kids

(CMN Hospitals Program; Days of Discovery; Miracle Mobile; Level III NICU; Pediatric Diabetes Clinic; Asthma Day Camp; Pediatric Wellness Coaching)

nicu baby cameraChildren are our future, and we believe in giving them the healthiest start possible. Gifts made to the “Healthy Kids” fund are restricted to pediatric impact. Examples of how these funds may be used include Medical Needs Grants, providing medically beneficial equipment or services for individual children, or for Pediatric Community Health Initiatives like Asthma Day Camp. Funds might also be used for pediatric toys, comfort items, or distraction tools in our ER and Pediatrics Unit, to provide operating support for the Salinas Valley Health Clinics Pediatric Diabetes Clinic, or to update the lifesaving equipment in the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Patient Assistance Fund

(Inpatient, Mobile Clinic, Salinas Valley Health Clinics)

The Patient Assistance Program provides patients of Salinas Valley Health and Salinas Valley Health Clinics with financial support for a range of items and services aimed at addressing the health needs of the patient outside of the hospital. This support is intended to address specific social determinants of health (SDoH) and especially those health needs identified as most severe in the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment.

Financial support may be requested for tangible items such walkers, wheelchairs, prosthetics, etc. or for health services like therapies, medical treatments, home care, and more on a case by case basis when not funded by the patient’s health insurance. Funds may also be utilized to provide short term food assistance through grocery store gift cards, and/or transportation through gas cards, MST bus passes, or Uber gift cards. When applicable, we partner with other local non-profits for patients who face food and/or housing insecurity to connect them to resources for additional support.

Cardiac and Stroke Care

(Regional Heart Center; Certified Primary Stroke Center)

We know that having a healthy heart is vital to living a healthy life, and that in stroke care, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Both of these services lines are a focus of Salinas Valley Health, earning numerous national awards and certifications. Funds given to support “Cardiac and Stroke Care” may be used to add or upgrade vital cardiac and neurology equipment, to provide advanced training to cardiac and stroke staff, to add or expand services related to these critical health conditions, or to provide community outreach and education on cardiac and stroke concerns.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

(Inpatient oncology services; Salinas Valley Health Outpatient Infusion; Susan Bacon Cancer Resource Center)

outpatientA cancer diagnosis is something faced not only by the patient, but by their families and loved ones. During what is sure to be one of the scariest and most stressful times of their lives, Salinas Valley Health provides a full spectrum of services, resources, and care for those facing cancer. Gifts made to support “Comprehensive Cancer Care” may be used to provide funding for inpatient oncology services or for our state of the art Salinas Valley Health Outpatient Infusion. Funds may provide critical resources at no cost to patients including education, support groups, patient comfort bags, wigs and headscarves, and can even help with basic needs like transportation.

Buildings and Equipment

(Salinas Valley Health Taylor Farms Family Health & Wellness Center Expansion; New equipment throughout the Healthcare System; Building additions or improvements; Emergency Department Expansion)

Taylor Farms Family Health & Wellness Center Building A healthcare system is only as strong as its capacity, and we know that access is one of the biggest health challenges faced by our community. Gifts made to “Buildings and Equipment” may be used for capital needs throughout the Healthcare System, to update or improve existing construction like our Emergency Room, or to create new access to care through the building or expansion of clinic and specialty care services outside of the main medical center campus.

Health and Wellness

(Salinas Valley Health Clinics Diabetes & Endocrine Center; Behavioral Health; Salinas Valley Health Mobile Clinic; Salinas Valley Health Nancy Ausonio Breast Health Center; Immunization Clinics; Health Screenings; Health, Fitness, & Wellness Classes)

Mobile Health Clinic TeamImproving health and wellness in our community is at the core of all that we do, and as health needs have evolved, so have the service lines of the healthcare system. When a community health needs assessment was conducted in 2017, the top 3 identified needs were Diabetes, Healthcare Access, and Behavioral Health. Gifts made to “Health and Wellness” support all of those health priorities and more. Funding may be used for the Salinas Valley Health Mobile Clinic, serving children and families in need of access to primary care, or to support programs at the Salinas Valley Health Clinics Diabetes & Endocrine Center, the Salinas Valley Health Clinics Behavioral Health Clinic, or the Salinas Valley Health Nancy Ausonio Breast Health Center. Funds may also go to support health, fitness, and wellness classes that are open to the community.

Kim Kelley Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Salinas Valley Health family unexpectedly lost a beloved colleague in March of 2021. Kim Kelley was a nurse in the Emergency Department for 15 years, and also served as a nurse preceptor.

Kim’s family has generously created an endowment fund in her memory, with the earnings dedicated to providing scholarships for nursing students at Hartnell College.

Thank you to Kim’s family for continuing her legacy and helping support future nurses in her memory for years to come.

SVEMG Medical Education Scholarship Fund

The Emergency Department physician group has established the SVEMG Medical Education Scholarship Fund to support our diligent students currently working at Salinas Valley Health and aspiring to delve into the medical field. Our community has always been vibrant with such ambitious students, and it brings immense pride to share that many have rejoined our family at the ER post their medical training. So far, we've proudly awarded three scholarships, each valued at $2,000, to facilitate their tuition fees and purchase of essential course materials. It's noteworthy that all these three dedicated students served alongside us in the ER as scribes and are now pursuing their passion in Medical School.

Click here to complete the online SVEMG Scholarship Application

Prior Recipients

"This scholarship not only helped me financially, but also gave me additional support towards reaching my goal. I used the scholarship funds for my medical school applications, and towards my deposit fee once I was accepted. As a first generation medical student, I often felt like my dream of being a physician was out of reach. The support (before and after receiving the scholarship) from the SVMH ED physicians was incredible and I'm confident in saying that I created life long mentorship. I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing this scholarship make similar differences in the lives of other pre-medical students." - Sallie Canumay, Touro University California Medical School, Class of 2025
"The SVEMG Scholarship has enabled me to purchase study resources that have become my holy grail. It is also deeply meaningful to be supported by a group that is quite literally the reason why I am where I am today." - Nancy Luong, California University of Science and Medicine
Update - Nancy Luong just matched into Emergency Medicine at Highland Hospital in Oakland. It's one of the best programs and we are so happy for her!